Alma 29:9

I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Brand New Year

It is great to hear from you. There has been a lot of sickness going around, and I am a little under the weather myself right now, but I am fine. I cannot believe that I have been out for almost 6 months now! It has been going by really fast! I have heard of hump day and burning a shirt on that day, but that is the only tradition that I have heard of.

It sounds like you had a fun Christmas. It was a good Christmas for me.The CD player and speakers should work great, thank you!  As far as pants go, I will look at the sizes this week, and I will need about two more pairs.

I do not know what we are doing for New Years, we will probably be with the other Elders that night. Also, Elder Mickleson is being transferred, he is opening up a new area which should be exciting and challenging.

I love this spiritual thought, because as missionaries we are supposed to "Say nothing but repentance unto this generation" DC 6:9, and everyone has need to repent. I remember back home, how virus and other electronic debris got on my computer. But there were ways (mainly through you) that it could be fixed. And that is what the Atonement can do for us  on a very personal level.

I love you and I will email you again next week.
Love, Elder Lakey

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